What I read in 2018

*disclaimer, this list was originally a list of tweets, you can find it here. Wondering what to read this year? Here’s a list of the 61 books I read last year with mini-reviews. The authors are also worth following in Twitter so that’s why I added their Twitter handles as well. The Accidental Billionaires: The [...]

Too Old to Learn Code

I wrote my first line of code in 2014 and a year later I founded my first software consultancy. Since that, I’ve founded two other technology companies. I’ve designed and built several digital products. I also competed in 70 hackathon/innovation challenges, winning around half of them. None of this almost happened, because I thought 23-year [...]

Key to Unlocking Creativity: Sleep

What you should know about sleep to boost your creativity A couple of weeks ago Luova Aalto organized an event about the interplay of sleep and creativity, lead by the wonderful Anu-Katriina Pesonen, a professor of clinical and developmental psychology from the University of Helsinki. Here are the key takeaways of that highly informative workshop. [...]